Free Bolt Day Flash Download

Free Bolt Day Flash Download

free bolt day flash

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We’ve had three very successful Bolt Days, and we are looking forward to having many more. We even made a video of Bolt Day 2014, which you can view below

Eye of the Tiger would like to see Bolt Day become a national phenomenon. We’d like to see friends tattooing friends to the sound of the Grateful Dead. We envision a network of family traveling from town to town, trading bolts like we used to trade tapes.

And we’d like to help get you started! We are making a page of our Bolt Day Flash available as a download. so that you can start celebrating the band’s legacy now, and build a little buzz in time for August.

Please use this free download to inspire you to create your own bolts, and please feel free to use these bolts to get tattooed on your friends and family.

Don’t forget to send us lots of pictures of your art, and come visit us in August, let us give you a bolt, too!