About Us

Friendly, Skilled, ProfessionalSalem founded Eye of the Tiger tattoo in 2013. He travelled the country and the world, tattooing, and honing his craft for over a decade before moving back to his old home town of San Francisco in 2003. Highly sought after, he worked at a few choice studios in the bay area before opening up his own shop. With twenty years of experience under his belt, he decided it was time to fufil his dream of opening up his own studio. He wanted to offer a relaxing and unique space for his artists to be creative and inspired, and his clients to receive the finest service, care, and art. Eye of the tiger tattoo is located right on the line between the outer and inner sunset districts of beautiful San Francisco. The studio offers a wide variety of different tattoo styles. He has hired skilled and versatile artists who are able to execute the perfect piece of art for each client. Whether it’s traditional, portrait realism, asian, color, or sacred geometry, they are capable or designing a custom tattoo that fits with any vision.

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